The Warden’s World

If you wish to know more about the world in which the Warden novels are set, you have found the right place. All epic adventures must build a rich and believable fictional world. It’s part of the genre. Of course, the Warden novels are technically science fiction, not fantasy, but since they poke a good deal of fun at epic fantasy, they should have at least as rich a world behind them. Fortunately, they do. On these pages, you can find maps (of course), history, descriptions, flags, and other things you may have seen mentioned in the Warden books. Consider it sort of an encyclopedia of all things Warden.

These are the entries in this encyclopedia so far.

           Eastfield                           G.O.D. Corp.                         Gotrox                           Westgrove

 G.O.D. Corp.Gotrox





And the encyclopedia is growing. The author is furiously methodically occasionally creating new entries from his files worksheets notes bits of scratch paper under a pile of empty pizza boxes. If there is something in particular you would like to know more about that you don’t see on the “The Warden’s World” drop-down, leave a comment. He will might soon eventually find time to respond.

  1. It’s awesome to finally have a view of the world of Agprogia. I have spent some time with Donald and Mort in this land.

    Big up to the author!

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