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D.L. Morrese is a fulltime American Science Fiction/Fantasy author with degrees in philosophy and government. He has an extensive background in military logistics and program management, and he has earned the highest certification levels available from the U.S. Department of Defense in both areas.

He has long been a voracious reader of speculative fiction, but with the immense popularity of fantasy novels in recent years, he found he was fast approaching his saturation point for books that rely on magic or the supernatural as major plot elements. Consequently, his reading shifted toward science fiction, especially science fiction in the original sense of the term, fiction that conveys a positive scientific outlook. Much of early science fiction from H.G. Wells to Isaac Asimov is in this vein, but the niche did not seem well represented in modern writing, which often focuses on dystopian or apocalyptic visions.

He revisited some of his favorite speculative fiction, including both novels and film, consciously attempting to determine what it was about these stories that especially appealed to him. A few prevalent traits emerged ― endearing or admirable characters, a positive theme, and a hopeful or lighthearted tone.

Seeing a void in need of filling, he began his first novel with the original meaning of science fiction in mind, but he placed the story in a world similar to those in many fantasy epics, with limited technology and a non-modern culture including kings, princes, and damsels who might even occasionally be in distress.

Unlike fantasy epics, the magic in this world works about as well as it does in ours. People might believe wholeheartedly in it, but few count on it to provide their next meal. The characters can’t resolve their problems by waving a wand or calling upon some mystical force. They have only what we have ― intelligence, bravery, and determination to do what they believe is right.

The Warden novels were the result. They are a unique blend of genres, often funny, and sometimes satirical. They are, by definition, science fiction novels, but with their endearing characters, adventure, and wit, these books, and those that follow, are accessible to readers of fantasy and other genres who may be yearning for something fresh and different.

D.L. Morrese currently lives in a suburb of Orlando, Florida and continues to write stories he hopes will bring enjoyment to readers of all ages.


Agents, Publishers, Producers and others who may wish to offer him vast amounts of money (or a doughnut or whatever) may contact him here:


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  1. Oh my , I don’t recognize this side of the DL Morrese I once worked with! You are good at no matter what you do, very impressive. Phil G

  2. Good to see Kwestor hasn’t succumbed to depression yet. Took me a while to get here, but your signature block finally enticed me to click on that link.

  3. Maureen Llerandi

    Do I know you? Somehow you remind me of someone? Glad to see you around.

  4. Yay for the new website!

  5. I see that Questor (Kwestor) lives. Have a potato!

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