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Click the cover for a PDF of this story.

Click the cover for a PDF of this story.

This is a fan-fiction tribute to the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett. He died on 12 March 2015, but his stories and his influence live on. In this short story, the sun on Discworld dies, but the people living there endure.


OldGuyThe Old Guy is a story about a rather dull man in a rather dull job for a company with a very strange secret. They have an edge their competitors don’t, but it requires someone willing to dedicate their life to the business to keep it working.
I originally drafted The Old Guy as a self-imposed exercise when I first decided to try writing fiction. A year or so later, I got an email from the Orlando Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup group saying that short story submissions were being sought for a print-only free publication called Strange Pulp. They were looking for the kind of story that used to appear in the old Sci-Fi magazines of the last century, and the publisher was paying real money ($50 for one-time print rights)! They planned to publish these stories in an anthology, which they would provide at no cost to people attending the 2012 OASIS Science Fiction Convention in Orlando, Florida.
I submitted a hastily revised manuscript of The Old Guy and got an email from Matt Fry, the Strange Pulp publisher, a few weeks later. He wanted to buy it! It ended up appearing in Strange Pulp along with four other stories, including one by one of my favorite old-fashioned space opera writers, Jack McDevitt.

goodbadgoblin2The Good, The Bad, and The Goblin (by Alexander Morrese): My son Alexander wrote this novella before he went to college. I thought it was pretty good, but I’m hardly an objective reader. Take a look and judge for yourself. It’s about a dark elf rogue and gambler who involuntarily becomes the deputy sheriff of a fantasy western town and finds himself facing down goblin bandits and unicorn rustlers.


GelflingGatheringSofDI wrote A Suspicion of Darkness for the Gelfling Gathering contest the Jim Henson Company was holding at the end of 2013. They were looking for someone to write a Young Adult novel as a prequel to The Dark Crystal, and since I’ve long been an admirer of Henson’s work, I figured I’d give it a shot. The submission restrictions only allowed 10,000 words, but overachiever and idiot that I am, rather than just write a couple chapters, I wrote the entire novel (52,000 words). It tells the tale of a young Gelfling by the name of Rian who must convince his people that the Skeksis are not the benign benefactors most believe them to be. Alas, it did not win. Still, I thought it was a pretty good story. Since it’s a derivative work based on The Dark Crystal, I can’t publish it, but I can offer it here for free.

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