D&D and a Fixed Washer

The two most noteworthy, or at least uncommon, events of my week were that I played D&D twice (instead of once) and that my washing machine has finally been fixed after being broken for 65 days.

I first began playing the classic RPG game D&D (AD&D 1st Edition) in the early 1980s with a bunch of guys from work. We would get together about once a month at the house of whomever was serving as DM at the time. A single campaign could take over a year. When I moved about 1,000 miles away to take a new job, I had to stop playing. This was over 20 years ago, in the dark ages before high speed internet. But a couple years ago, some members of my old group (who had never stopped playing and were now, like me, all retired) talked about playing online using something called Roll20. It sounded like fun, and we’ve been playing about once a week ever since. Last week we played twice because, due to schedule conflicts, we can’t all virtually meet next week. This isn’t momentous news, but my life has become pleasantly dull, and this fell outside the norm.

The big news is that my washer is working again. The two new bullet points for the week were:

  • DAY 61 (June 6th) I receive an email from Whirlpool (MainCorr@whirlpool.com) apologizing for “for any delays in responding” but not for selling me an unreliable appliance that was clearly not designed to be repairable. In fact, they don’t directly answer any of the question I posed in my May 30th email but instead simply repeat that “The manufacturer’s warranty is for repair and not replacement, return or refund.”
  • DAY 65 (June 10th) A repairman from Fields Service arrives at 2:00 pm. He’s the same guy who was here a month ago (May 19th). The back of his small service van is full of boxes. He tells me all of them are for the repair of my washer. About two hours later, he tells me he’s finished, telling me he replaced every part of the washer except the outer shell, door, and knobs. He says it should now work. After he leaves, I throw in a load of whites, mostly towels, to check. It seems to work, but somehow I remain wary.

I also finished reading books 9 and 10 of the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Both were enjoyable. Pretty dull stuff, I know, but I’m tying to post something weekly, and I really don’t want to fill my blog with rantings about politics or religion or stuff like that. There’s more than enough of that kind of thing elsewhere.

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