The Scarecrow’s Brane

ScarecrowCover1aOz isn’t what Commander Lisa Chang expected. Fairy tales were never her thing, and finding herself in one is grating on her nerves. But she can’t leave, at least not yet. The abrupt landing of her spaceship inadvertently squashed the only protection Emerald City had against the tyrannical Red Witch of the South. And now, unfortunately, the witch has Lisa and her crew locked in a cell. Emerald City isn’t enough. The witch wants Lisa’s ‘magic’ ship as well.

The crew of the spaceship Brane Child must escape the witch’s prison and then embark on a hazardous journey through the Wild Lands to Munchkinland, where Lisa must somehow convince the Great and Powerful Blue Wizards of the East to construct a new protector for Emerald City.


This short video says a bit more about it.


Questions and Answers about this book:

How does this book relate to your previous books?
The Scarecrow’s Brane is a sequel to Brane Child. Like the previous book, this one is positive science fiction—upbeat, hopeful, and sometimes even a bit funny. There is also a smidgeon of cultural satire. In this episode, the crew finds themselves in a land a bit like Oz with lots of characters and situations from other stories and fairy tales.

When will it be available?
The worldwide release was 3 July 2015.
Digital editions are available from:

Barnes & Noble (NOOK eBook):
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Trade Paperback editions are also available from:
Amazon (U.S):
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CreateSpace (Paperback):

So, What comes next?
My next book will be the third and final in this series. All I’ll say right now is that it will take Lisa and her crew somewhere unexpected.

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