G.O.D. Corp.

Excerpt from the intergalactic hyperspace website of G.O.D. Corp:

 The Galactic Organic Development Corporation, G.O.D. Corp., has many production projects across the galaxy to meet the demanding needs of its customers for highest quality, pure, organic foods, and primitive arts and crafts, which are both beautiful and highly collectible. We guarantee that all G.O.D. corp. products are made without artificial ingredients of any kind and are caringly produced by hand by simple sentient life forms living in primitive and unspoiled natural settings.

With G.O.D. Corp you know it’s NATURAL!

Be assured that no sentient beings are ever harmed* in the production of items carrying the G.O.D. Corp. logo.

* In accordance with Galactic Federation Trade Association rules 427b through 428d approved as of the current year, 244254 G.S. governing the care of domestic livestock, pets, and primitive intelligent animals, plants, and unclassifiable species. Some clauses do not apply.


Closeout summary and final entry on the Beta Hydri Project for G.O.D. Corp. archives:

G.O.D. Corp. deep survey probes initially performed close range scans of the fourth planet of the beta Hydri system in Galactic Standard year 223345. The existence of native life, liquid water, a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere, and an average surface temperature tolerable by eighty-nine percent of known sentient species, but with no sentient species of its own, indicated it would be ideal for a Corporation Project.

G.O.D. Corp. immediately relayed an application to register its claim to the system with the Galactic Federation Interstellar Commerce Department. Because the hyperspace communications web had not yet stretched to the outer reaches of this spiral arm, the Commerce Department did not acknowledge receipt until 224122. Their approval notification, backdated to 223345, granted the corporation exclusive rights for exploitation and development of all system resources until the Corporation either surrendered its claim or chose to refrain from commercial activities in the system for a period of five-hundred consecutive local years.

After an extensive search of nearby systems, the Corporation Project Mother-ship, Millennia Mitochondria, located a suitable primitive worker species twenty-four light years away on the third planet of the Sol system in 223447 G.S. The Millennia Mitochondria conducted a standard investigation of the primitives, found them suitable, and began sampling and extraction procedures. Because tests indicated most of the flora and fauna native to Beta Hydri Four would be inedible to the primitives of Sol Three, the Mother-ship AI carefully selected suitable species from the primitives’ home planet to include in the bio-matrix transfer.

The Millennia Mitochondria completed project planning and limited genetic modifications on the supporting matrix species en route, and rendezvoused with the Corporation Factory-ship, Chlorophyll Forge, at Beta Hydri Four on 223553 G.S. This year marks the official start of the project.

Project startup occurred normally with introduction of the matrix species, followed by incubation of the original workforce of primitives from the genetic materials held in cryogenic storage by the mother-ship. Corporation nursery androids, configured to be superficially indistinguishable from the primitives, brought the first generation of workers to maturity and assisted throughout the life of the program.

Nineteen separate primitive communities were established in the first three centuries, while Corporation engineering androids built the spaceport and other concealed infrastructure necessary for full project operation. No major difficulties or delays were encountered.

The project recouped initial startup costs and achieved Full Operational Capability (FOC) certification from the Corporation Organic Comestibles and Primitive Crafts Program Executive Office (PEO OCPC) in 224748 G.S.

The primary output of the Beta Hydri Project was organic fruits and vegetables. Production grew each century until it reached a maximum yield of just over one million cargo loads in its last year of operation. The project also produced a limited amount of primitive art and craftwork. These never became a significant product line, although there have been some avid collectors.

On or about 242000 G.S., a number one scientific discovery fault went unnoticed by the Project Manager, an Amalgamated Transgalactic Technology Corporation Sentient, Integrated, Autonomous, Self-Monitoring, and Self-Correcting, Semi-Omnipotent, Locally Omnipresent, and Virtually Omniscient, Adaptive Process Management Device, Mark Seven with standard peripherals. With development of writing, expansion of literacy and technological advancement by the project primitives eventually began to put the corporate guarantee of product purity at risk. When, in 242246 G.S., it became clear that these trends could not be reversed within the limitations available under Galactic Federation law and G.O.D. Corp. Standard Operating Procedures, the corporation terminated the project.

Project shutdown began normally with extraction of key equipment and android personnel, both those who had achieved recognized independence in accordance with Galactic Federation law and those still under indenture to the Corporation. A small number of independent androids chose to remain. The Project Manager, which was inextricably integrated to the Project infrastructure, was officially granted independence with the expectation it would continue to maintain minimal functionality of the systems and resources needed to service the remaining androids. Some nonessential equipment of limited value was also abandoned in place.

Within local months of official project termination, a nearby hyperspace communications relay station received a transmission from the Beta Hydri Project Manager suggesting it had suffered a major malfunction. These included irrational statements and a plea for forgiveness.

Corporate Headquarters immediately launched an investigation. The Artificial Intelligence Department indicated there were documented cases of this particular PM model suffering depression if insufficiently challenged, but that they are adaptive and creative enough to overcome it, given time, in most cases. The Engineering Department verified that the androids who retired on site could survive without PM oversight, so even if its malfunction resulted in total failure, they might be inconvenienced, but they would not be at risk. The Legal Department assured management that their liability for any damage the PM might do ended with the granting of its independence and termination of the Project. The final report by the investigating team concluded that no action was required and Corporation management accepted its recommendation.

No further transmissions have been received from Beta Hydri Four and the system is no longer being monitored.

Copyright © 2011 DL Morrese

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