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Book Review – Phoenix Flight by P.J. Creelman

In an unlikely star faring future where profit is the ultimate good, humanity is governed by a worldwide corporation. It is corrupt. It is unjust. If it were competent, it would be scary.

In this comic space opera, several misfits band together through some serendipitous events to become comic book style heroes and space venturing Robin Hoods who pit themselves against corporate forces and their incompetent minions. The plot, the setting, and the characters make just enough sense to avoid being too silly.

It’s a fun story in a slapstick farce kind of way. I liked that the good guys really were good. They had ideals. They had ethics. They had concern for others. They are certainly a better grade of hero than some you see in kids’ fiction, and because of that, I would recommend this as a fun read for teenage boys into comics and superheroes.

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