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Book Review – Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes by P.H.C. Marchesi

 My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Shelby and Shauna Kitt are kids with special abilities and an abundance of “positive energy.” It is this unique energy that makes them the most suitable people on the planet to save not only our world but also the parallel world of Miriax from the Klodians who inhabit a third parallel world. Dimensional holes have opened between Miriax and Earth, and between Earth and Klodius. They must be closed and Shelby and Shauna are called on to help. These young heroes are engaging and likeable. The adult characters may sometimes seem childish or simplistic to older readers but I think younger readers would find them believable.

This wonderfully imaginative book is sure to appeal to Middle Grade readers. It’s a bit Little Prince, a bit Wizard of Oz, a bit Alice in Wonderland and a lot of fun. What I like especially are the lighthearted tone and positive mood that are carried throughout the book. The plot is strong enough to carry your interest and the tone is just silly enough that you know not to take it too seriously. This combination makes for a very enjoyable reading experience.

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