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Query Quandary

It’s been eleven weeks, and fewer than half of the agents I queried for my latest book have replied. I’ve also heard nothing more from the one who asked to see my full manuscript. I sent it to her over seven weeks ago. A quick search of the repository of all human knowledge (Google) suggests that six weeks to two months is the average wait time for feedback after sending a full manuscript, but in rare cases, it may take much longer. (One comment in a forum mentioned sending fulls to two agents who failed to respond after two years.)

My tentative plan was to start sending out queries to publishers at this point, but I hesitate to do that if some agents are still considering it. I suppose I can wait a few more weeks. I appreciate that agents (like the rest of us) are busy. In the meantime, I’m creating new editions of my Warden’s World series. After that, who knows?

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