Review Policy


I read for enjoyment, and sometimes I’ll write a short review of books I have read. I’m not a professional reviewer, and I no longer take requests, but I have agreed to work with Awesome Indies to consider review requests through them for books that might appeal to me. If you are an indie writer interested in having me or one of Awesome Indies’ regular reviewers consider your book for a review, go to the Awesome Indies Submissions page and check out the their guidelines and criteria for inclusion in their listings of quality books by independently published authors.

I only consider review requests for published positive science fiction and humorous or satirical fantasy novels. I read other genres, but these are the types of stories that I find appeal to me the most, or at least the most consistently. I’m also more of a science fiction than a fantasy reader. This does not mean I don’t like fantasy. Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors, and his Discworld books are definitely fantasy. It just means that I’m a bit pickier when it comes to books that contain magic or supernatural creatures. If you’re unclear of the distinction, here is a link that explains the difference between science fiction and fantasy.

I only review novels, not graphic novels, plays, short stories, poetry, flash fiction, novellas, or serials. All my indie reading is done on a Kindle, so .mobi editions of the book are required.

In order to help you decide if I’m the right reviewer for your book, I’ll be as specific as I can on what does and what does not appeal to me.

I like admirable protagonists, characters that portray some aspect of humanity at its best— intelligence, wisdom, compassion, perseverance, or whatever. Some stories can make you feel and some can make you think. My personal preference is for characters I can like with motivations I can admire and a plot and setting that can provoke a thought or two. I believe that a great story motivates the reader to think and reflect because it is saying something about his world as well as the one that provides the setting for the story. A book that can do this well is especially appealing to me. I’m also a sucker for a happy ending.

I don’t care for apocalyptic, dystopian, ravening monster (werewolves, zombies, vampires, demons, etc.), horror, or other ‘dark’ stories. I don’t find them entertaining. Fiction does not shock me. Reality provides enough of that. If the plot focuses on ‘nonstop action,’ or gratuitous sex and violence, chances are I won’t like it. If it has supernatural or other kinds of magical creatures, they should be funny.

If your science fiction or fantasy story coveys a positive mood, if it tells an engaging story with likeable characters and can make the reader laugh and think, it may be exactly what I’m looking for. If it doesn’t, chances are you would be better off with another reviewer. In this world of seven billion people, some large number of which sometimes read fiction, you will encounter people with widely varying tastes. Mine are neither typical nor better than any others, but they are mine.

If you’re still with me after all of that and you think your book matches my admittedly quirky tastes, go to Awesome Indies and ask for a free review. I see no reason why you couldn’t say you found the link to them on this page, which may prompt them to ask me if I’ll look at it. I personally never take money for a review, but others in the group do, and a paid review is given priority by Awesome Indies.

I cannot guarantee that I or anyone will read or review any of the books submitted. If I do read and review the book, you’ll hear back from Awesome Indies directly, and they will post the review under their name.

Keep in mind that any review they provide will be honest, whether it is paid for or not, and they can include critical and useful comments. If they don’t care for the book, they’ll say so, but the review will say why.


  1. NOTE: I have not been posting book reviews to my site recently because I have never been comfortable doing so. A review isn’t an objective assessment of a book. It is, by necessity, subjective. It’s an opinion. No one will think highly of every book he or she reads, but for one author to express a negative opinion on the work of another smacks of pettiness. I will still post subjective ratings and occasional short reviews on Goodreads, but I will only post reviews on this site for books I found exceptional or that I think deserve more attention.

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