What My Author Blog is For

I’ve been remiss about posting to this site. I first started it in 2011 mainly because I read that all authors should have a web presence, which at the time meant a blog, Twitter, and Facebook. I had none of these, and I had no idea what to do with them once I did. I figured they were for promoting my books.

Unfortunately, I don’t like selling any more than I like being sold to, so I initially used my blog for reviews of other people’s books. That just never seemed right to me, though. As a writer, I felt uncomfortable reviewing the works of other writers on my web page. I no longer do it, except for an occasional review of a nonfiction book, and I’ll stop posting those here as well. There’s a better place for reviews, anyway: Goodreads, which recently notified me that I’m in the top 1% of reviewers. I assume that’s a good thing, although I have no idea how they determine the ranking.

I also tried dabbling with posts about what I was learning as an indie writer, but I was hardly qualified to do that, having not yet published much. That has changed. My next novel will be my eighth, but I still don’t feel comfortable giving advice. I’ve learned a few things, but I’m far from an expert, and none of my books has made anyone’s bestseller lists. The only claim to success I can make is that copies of my eBooks are downloaded almost every day now. Many of these are freebies. I haven’t seen many reviews, but the few that have been posted are predominately quite nice. All of my books are rated between 4 and 5 stars on both Amazon and Goodreads. If you wrote one of those reviews or simply posted a rating, thanks!

So I’m now effectively between books, with just a final check of The Brane of the Space Pirates needed before it’s released next month. (A paperback galley proof should be in the mail today.) I have only a very rough idea about the book I’ll be writing after that. I stare at the planning worksheet for it every morning, though, hoping a stray inspiration particle will strike me. In the meantime, this seems like a fine opportunity to revise my blogs.

I’ve already made a few small changes to this one, including some different headers and revised menus. In the future, I’ll be using this site as an open, online journal devoted to the types of things most people use their blogs for: writing about what they’ve been up to. In my case, that will probably mean short posts about reading and writing. I doubt anyone wants to read about my exciting adventures to the grocery store, my never-ending battle with slugs in my garden, what my pets have done, or about what I’m having for lunch…although apparently many people do write about that. Some even post pictures.

If I have a new book release, promotion, or something along those lines, the news will be posted on my publisher site, Fuzzy Android. I also have a site for nonfiction reviews, opinions, and observations, mainly about science, culture, philosophy, history…. If you like that kind of thing, check out The Avery Slom Philosophical Laboratory. It’s only been up a short time, but it already has a few followers.

For now, though, I need to stare at the worksheet for my next project a bit longer. I’m sure something will come to me.

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A reader and writer of speculative fiction. See my website for more information on me and my writing. https://dlmorrese.wordpress.com/

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