The final adventure of the Brane Child

My next book, The Brane of the Space Pirates, will be released on 16 May 2016. This is the third and final book of the Brane Child trilogy. I hope you find it a satisfying conclusion. It was fun writing these, although it proved to be far more work and required more research than I expected.

I normally price the eBook editions of my books as low as possible. As an indie author, I have a fair amount of control over this (although not so much for the paperbacks). I have, however, been told by a few readers that a 99¢ price may be sending the wrong message. It may suggest that this is all the books are worth. I hesitate to ask the relatively standard $2.99 that many charge, let alone more. I’ve seen indie eBooks priced at $4.99, even $6.99. Yes, I think my books are worth that, but as I said in a previous post, I don’t write them to make money. I write because I like writing, and I want my books to be read and enjoyed. Charging people to read them seems, well, kind of selfish. Still, I understand that this may discourage readers from trying them, so I’ve priced this one at $1.75 for the release. If you think that’s too much, let me know.

Anyway, about the book. The first two in this series were fantasy parodies: the first of fantasy role-playing games, and the second of fairy tales. The Brane of the Space Pirates is more of a traditional space opera. Like all of my stuff, it contains cultural and philosophical satire (of a sort). This one contrasts Stoic notions about predestined fate with the Epicurean position that people make their own. (Yeah, I’ve been reading Greek philosophy…again.) It also explores what might happen in a society in which automation has replaced most human labor and Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand is given free rein. This may make the book sound a bit ‘heavy’, but I think it’s still an easy, lighthearted read. It’s difficult if not impossible for a writer to evaluate his own stuff, though, so I’d love to hear your opinions.


The following announcement is from the Fuzzy Android site:

The final adventure of the Brane Child will launch on 16 May, 2016. We’ll be doing a countdown on weekdays starting Monday, 18 April. Each day will present a ‘meme’ with a quote f…

Source: The final adventure of the Brane Child

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  1. Yay! Congrats and all the best with it.



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