A Suspicion of Darkness – A Dark Crystal Novel

DarkCrystalLogoThe Dark Crystal Author Quest announced the finalists in the Gelfling Gathering contest yesterday. Alas, my entry was not among them. I thought the book was fairly good, though, so I’m offering it here for anyone who wishes to read it. The story in this short Young Adult novel (52,000 words) takes place before the events portrayed in The Dark Crystal movie, a time when many Gelfling were still alive on Thra and before they fully realized what nasty buggers the Skeksis actually are. This tale marks when that begins to change.

Since few people like reading a full novel on a website, I’m providing a PDF file below. If you would prefer a .mobi for Kindle, leave a comment below with your email and I’ll send one. Unfortunately, mobi files cannot be linked on this website for technical reasons (which I did not know before I just tried it).

A Suspicion of Darkness (PDF File): GelflingGathering5x8(DLMorrese)

Relevant Link: DarkCrystal.com

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  1. Download A Suspicion of Darkness—A Dark Crystal Novel by D.L. Morrese on here.

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