The Dark Crystal Gelfling Gathering – Update

DarkCrystalFacebookLogoToday I finished the first draft of the novel I am writing for my entry to The Dark Crystal Author Quest. The target goal for the finished novel dictated by the contest sponsors is ‘upwards of 50,000 words.’ My completed draft has 51,792 words (about 200 pages). This represents about 47 days of intensive effort. Fortunately, I had the freedom to do this, being a full time writer and not under contract with a deadline for anything else at the moment.

My next step is to review and revise what I’ve completed. I expect that this will take a few weeks. After this, I’ll decide what I will submit for the contest and make sure those sections are as good as I can make them. The limit for the submission is 10,000 words, and I’ll probably provide the first chapter (currently 4,912 words) and one of the middle chapters.

A few people who have read and enjoyed my previous books have volunteered to be beta readers and proofreaders, and I appreciate this. Unfortunately, the work as it is (although I think it is quite good) is probably not ready to subject to others just yet.

My thanks to all who have encouraged me in this endeavor, and I apologize for the interruption this is causing to my previous work in progress, blogging, book reviews, and other activities. But it’s the Dark Crystal. How could I refuse?

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  1. According to the Jim Henson Company, they received just under 500 submissions and finalists will not be announced until March 2014.

  2. My brother and I still do the High Chamberlain (or was it Chancellor) “mmmMmmm” noise from the Dark Crystal and neither of us has seen it for 30 years. Definitely a film to get for McMini when he’s older. The best of luck with it all I hope you get through to the next round.



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