A Fondness for Little Black… Cars


AP photo of Sandra Bullock by Matt SaylesThe little black dress is a fashion classic. They are not for me, though — not that I don’t appreciate them. A properly presented little black dress has caught my eye on occasion, sometimes to the point of distraction. It’s just that being a gentleman of a certain age, they are something I can appreciate only from afar. (Note – The picture to the left is of Sandra Bullock in a classic little black dress. I don’t know her, and the picture is just presented here to attract your attention. I know it attracted mine.)

Something I can get into is a little black car. I have had a fondness for these for several years, and as this is a rainy Saturday and I am taking a break from the writing of my fourth book, I’ve decided to share some photos.


Here is a picture of my first little black car, a 1983 Ford EXP. It was a two-seater pseudo-roadster with a large luggage area in the back instead of a rear seat. This was a very sexy-looking car with a red interior. I was quite fond of it, mostly for how it looked, and I recall running it through the car wash twice a week to keep it shiny. It was not a powerful beast, by any means, but it had style. This is the car that I had in my wild, young, and single days and I have fond memories of it.








My second little black car was a 1992 Mazda Miata (MX-5). I bought this noisy little toy used and put far more money into it than it was worth, mainly for a new soft top. It was little more than a well-appointed go-cart, but it was my first true roadster. It handled great and had a very tight turning radius. It provided the most fun I have ever had driving and I often looked for errands to run just as an excuse to take it out for a spin on a nice day.








My current little black car is another Miata. This one is a 2006 MX-5. It’s noticeably larger than the previous one and, I’m told, far safer. It has more horsepower than my previous little black cars, complains if I don’t serve it premium gasoline, and is not the most sparing thing about its appetite for the stuff. It’s not a gas lush, but you would think something this small would get better than about 25 miles to a gallon, which is my guess as to what it can get on a highway with a good tailwind. I’ve never really calculated it. I admit that fuel efficiency was not my primary concern when I bought the thing.

That’s it. Those are my little black cars. The last one still has a lot of good use left, and there is no need to replace it. They now make a Miata with a convertible hard top, though, and I’m rather tempted to take a look at it. I’m sure I can get one in black…

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