Book Review – The Sheriff of Yrnameer by Michael Rubens

My Rating: 5 Stars

I almost did not pick up this book. The cover sucks. I mean, some covers are simply bad but the cover of this book crosses over bad without looking down and lands well over the border to ‘WTF were they thinking?’ The blurb on the back cover by Stephen Colbert doesn’t help things. It says nothing about the story and, if fact, makes it sound sophomoric. The blurb on the inside dust jacket that compared it to Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett attracted me, though, so I gave it a try.

It’s good. It’s not the wild, bizarre ride of the Hitchhiker’s guide or the insightful, satirical humor of Discworld, but it is lighthearted and fun and a thoroughly enjoyable romp with an almost competent space faring rogue trying to escape his luck and his past. I found it a very welcome addition to the far too small field of humorous science fiction. I recommend it.


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  1. The cover looks like HAL to me, is that the link?

    Anyway, sounds like my kind of book so I’ll add it to me ‘to read’ list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Rebecca Stibrany

    That cover is awesome! It doesn’t make me think of either Adams or Pratchett, it doesn’t look SF at all. . . It makes me think of William Burroughs or something. . . But if I saw it in a book store I’d totally pick it up.

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