A list of indie book reviewers

Last week I posted about the importance of book reviews and I promised to provide a list. After data mining the internet, I found 87 sites that review indie books. The list of those is provided below. I have not queried all of these. Some are not applicable to my genre. Some are closed for new submissions, and others I simply have not had time to contact yet. Since I had the data, though, I’m sharing it because others may find it helpful.

One thing to keep in mind when contacting prospective reviewers is to be mindful of their submission requirements. If they only review Romance, don’t ask them to review your Fantasy novel. If they want a synopsis, provide it. If they want the first three chapters, send them. There is no “standard” format. Each review site will have different requirements. These reviewers are doing indie writers a favor, and we need to be courteous by not clogging up their email with things their submission guidelines say they are not interested in seeing.

Good luck to all my fellow indies. I hope you find this list helpful.

Since it does not show well in the HTML below, it is attached here as an Excel spreadsheet: ReviewSites

Review Site Site URL e-Book? Genres
3 R’s Reading Den http://rjscafe.wordpress.com/ N Most – see guidelines
A. F. Stewart’s Blog http://afstewartblog.blogspot.com/p/my-amazon-associates-store.html Y ePub Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Poetry, Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Historical Non-Fiction and other Non-Fiction.
Adarna SF http://adarnasf.com/ Y Science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, pulp etc.
Bab’s Book Bistro http://www.babsbookbistro.net/blog/ Y Mysteries, Cozy Mysteries, Thrillers, Western romance, Romance, Historical Romance, Some erotica, Suspense, Some dramas, Children’s books
Big Al’s Books and Pals (currently NOT accepting unsolicited review submissions – March 2012) http://booksandpals.blogspot.com Y All
Bonnie Humbarger Lamer – Author and Review Page http://bonnielamer.blogspot.com/ Y Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Political satire, Humorous fiction, Chicklit, romance
Book Vacations (Not taking new submissions – March 2012) http://bookvacations.wordpress.com/ Y All
Book’d Out http://bookdout.wordpress.com Y All
Booked Up http://www.tc-bookedup.blogspot.com/ Y All
BookedinChico http://bookedinchico.blogspot.com/ Y Literary fiction and world literature
Bookhound’s Den (NOT accepting books for review at this time – March 2012) http://bookhoundsden.blogspot.com/ Y Horror, crime, noir, suspense, mystery, and thrillers
Books are Better http://booksrbetter.blogspot.com/ Y Fantasy, Steampunk and Post-Apocalyptic
Books for Company http://www.booksforcompany.com Y Fantasy, YA, Dystopia
Books Like Breathing http://bookslikebreathing.blogspot.com/ Y Romance, YA, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Books on The Knob http://blog.booksontheknob.org/ Y Fantasy, SF, mystery and suspense. Check guidelines.
Bored Books http://zzzbooks.blogspot.com Y All but prefers Paranormal YA
Breakout Books Reviews (not taking new submissions – March 2012) http://breakoutbooks.blogspot.com/ Y All
Butterfly-o-meter (Submissions closed. Last checked 20 March 2012) http://butterflyometerbooks.blogspot.com/p/review-policy-submissions.html Yes Closed for submissions
Can’t put it down http://readitreviewit.wordpress.com/ Y Horror, Mystery, paranormal, YA, thrillers, fantasy, crime, detective. No erotica, prefer e-books
Clover Hill Book Reviews (not taking new submissions – March 2012) http://cloverhillbookreviews.blogspot.co… N All
CS fantasy reviews http://csfantasyreviews.blogspot.com/ Fantasy, speculative fiction
Cup of Tea Reviews (Not accepting requests -Last checked 20 March 2012) http://cupofteareviews.blogspot.com Y All, except novels with overly religious tone, won’t review erotica or any adult novels. Only review ebooks with PDF format.
Daily Ebook Reviews http://www.dailyebookreviews.com Y Science fiction, horror, fantasy, and thrillers – though we will consider all types of fiction.
Dark Readers http://www.dark-readers.com/ Y (but paper preferred) romance, supernatural/paranormal, fantasy, adventure, mystery and thriller
Dark Side of the Covers http://www.darksideofthecovers.com/ Y Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Speculative Fiction
Dear Author http://dearauthor.com Y Romance
Demon Lovers Books & More http://www.demonloversbooksandmore.com ? historical romance, contemporary romance, erotic romance, crime/mystery, fantasy/sci-fi and young adult paranormal
Ebook Reviews by Elizabeth Swigar Stephen http://elizabethswigar.wordpress.com/ Y All – especially historical fiction
Enter The Portal http://www.entertheportal.wordpress.com Y SF & Fantasy
Everything to do with books http://everythingtodowithbooks.blogspot…. Y All but no pure romances, Westerns, and erotica.
Fantasy Book Critic http://fantasybookcritic.blogspot.com/ Y Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, YA/Children
Five Alarm Book Reviews http://fivealarmbookreviews.com N Limited – see guidelines
Flying with Red Haircrow http://flyingwithredhaircrow.wordpress.com/ Y SFF mostly – see site
Forbidden Passions http://forbiddenpassionsreviews.blogspot… Y Fantasy, YA paranormal, excluding Christian, Self Help.
Got Fiction? http://gotfiction.wordpress.com/ YA and Contemporary Romance
I Heart Reading http://booklog.eternalised.net/ Y Paranormal romance, fantasy or historical fiction. Check guidelines.
Indie Book Blog http://indiebookblogger.blogspot.com/p/review-sign-up.html Y Mainly SF/F but all except Romance or Erotica
Indie Book Podcast http://www.indiebookpodcast.com/ Y All
Indie Corner http://indiecorner.net/review-policy-rating/ Y steampunk, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, dystopian, chick lit, mysteries and suspense
Indie Paranormal Book Reviews http://indieparanormalbooksreviews.blogs… Y Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy
IndieReader http://indiereader.com/author-promotional-opportunities/ Y All indie
Kate Policani http://katepolicanisreviews.wordpress.com/about/ Y All except Horror, Erotica, Manuals
Kindle Book Review http://thekindlebookreview.blogspot.com/ Y All
KindleObsessed http://kindleobsessed.com/ Y All
Letters Inside Out http://www.lettersinsideout.net/ Y YA
Livin’ Life Through Books http://dream-wish-live.blogspot.com/ Y Young Adult (No Fantasy)
Marie Violante http://violantewrites.wordpress.com/ Y fantasy, horror, science fiction, and magical realism
Milo’s Rambles http://milorambles.com/ Y Crime, Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Historical Crime, Humor, Sport, Memoirs and Biographies
MotherLode http://www.gracekrispy.com/my-review-policy/ Y All
Night Owl Reviews http://nightowlreviews.com/nor/ Y All
Novel Opinion http://novelopinion.org/ Y All
Paper Mustang http://www.papermustang.com Y All
Papyrus http://papyrus.calebblake.net/ Y All
POD People http://podpeep.blogspot.com/ Y All self-published
Popcorn Reads http://popcornreads.com Y All fiction
Quills and Zebras http://quillsandzebras.wordpress.com/ Y All
Rainy Day Ramblings (Heidi) http://rainydayramblings.typepad.com/rainydayramblings/review-policy.html Y All except erotica, graphic horror and any book that pertains to animal cruelty or abuse, religious books, self help, business etc.
Reading Between the Lines (not taking new submissions – March 2012) http://cynical-believer.blogspot.com/ N All
Review Haven – Note: free reviews are not given for ebooks. http://sfandfantasyreviews.blogspot.com/ N Science-Fiction or Fantasy
Science Fiction Addiction http://sciencefictionaddiction.blogspot…. Y Science Fiction
Science Fiction and Other Oddysseys http://sciencefictionmusings.blogspot.com/p/request-guidelines.html ? Science Fiction & Fantasy
SF Book Reviews (not currently accepting new review requests – March 2012) http://sfbook.com Y SciFi & Fantasy
Sift Book Reviews http://siftbookreviews.blogspot.com/ Y science-fiction or fantasy
Soul Unsung http://soulunsung.blogspot.com/ Y Fantasy, young adult, sci-fi, steampunk, paranormal romance, dystopia, horror, urban fantasy
Stories of my life http://roncnofficial.blogspot.com Y Fantasy, Young Adult
The Book Buff http://thebookbuff.blogspot.com/ Y All
The Book Hookup http://thebookhookup.com/ Y Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Young Adult, Erotica, Historical Romance, Dark/Urban Fantasy
The Book Vixen http://thebookvixen.com/ Y Contemporary Romance, Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic, Erotic Romance, GLBT, Historical Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult (YA)
The Canary http://thecanaryreview.com Y YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Romance,
The Consumption of Books http://consumethosebooks.blogspot.com/ ? YA
The eNovella Review http://enovellareview.blogspot.com/ Y 30k word max
The Fairytale Nerd http://thefairytalenerd.blogspot.com/ Y YA (mostly)
The Indie Book Blog Database http://hampton-networks.com/ Y All
The Literary Mind Bender http://theliterarymb.com/?page_id=12 Y
The LL Book Review http://llbookreview.com Y All
The New Podler Review of Books http://thenewpodlerreviews.blogspot.com/ ? literary, science fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense, humor, mysteries and the occasional thriller
The Novel Blog http://thenovelblog.com/index.aspx ? Site does not specify
The Scattering (Closed to new review requests – March 2012) http://thescattering.wordpress.com/ ? Speculative Fiction
The Secret Life of Books (Lucy) http://lily-bookhaven.blogspot.com/ ? Adult Fiction, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Erotica, Young Adult, Fantasy, Humorous
The Write to Make a Living http://www.thewritetomakealiving.com/ ? All
This is from my Heart (Janiera ) http://janieraeldridge.blogspot.com/p/contact-me.html Y All except political, biographies, Erotica, and historical romance
To Publish or Not To Publish http://topublishornotto.blogspot.com/ ? Fantasy
To Read or Not to Read http://www.2readornot2read.com/ Y All except erotica
Tomes of the Soul http://tomesofthesoul.blogspot.com/ Y All except erotica
Tracy Riva http://tracyriva.com/guidelines-for-review/ Y All
Web Weaver http://webbweaver-zelda555.blogspot.com/ ? Almost All
Writer’s Fun Zone http://www.writersfunzone.com/blog/ Y YA novels by women about girl heroes

About Dave

A reader and writer of speculative fiction. See my website for more information on me and my writing. https://dlmorrese.wordpress.com/

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  1. This ought to come in very useful. Much appreciated. I’ve d/l’d the file, but it’ll take a while to get through!

  2. Thanks for adding both my sites to this list,
    My one site has a new address: http://www.gotfiction.com

    • Hi, I’m an aspiring author and beginner book reviewer and I use my blog for both
      I’m opening up to book reviewing because I love reading almost as much as writing!!
      I would love it if you could include me on your list. =D

  3. Is it possible to be added to this list? I run the blog, Numinous Publications, where I review High Fantasy on a weekly basis.

  4. P.S. I added your site to my book review list

  5. I just began reviewing and opened my webpage for reviews of ALL books. http://www.angelsintheunderworld.com and I have no genre restrictions and LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. I am a stay-at-home author and have time to spare. I read fast, and like I said BRING IT ON yay

  6. Reblogged this on Kate Policani and commented:
    I got back on that horse that threw me and sent my review request to ten reviewers! This is the list I’ve been working with. Thanks again to DL For this great resource!

  7. Ok, I didn’t think of that but should have re: updates. I also review for The LL Book Reviews and currently on the “not-considered” list is:

    How-to Books
    Screen Plays
    Educational Textbooks

    • Thanks again. I sometimes post reviews of books I’ve read on this site (Sorry, I don’t take requests) but I avoid those categories, too. Except for the occasional ‘how to’ book or cartoon, I don’t read them.
      If anyone cares, my novel preferences are science fiction, fantasy, and mystery (in that order). I do sometimes read other genres – but those Red Haircrow mentions here tend not to appeal to my taste either.

  8. Greetings, could you please correct the information about my review site. My website actually reopened to requests March 2012, not closed. And my genres are very specific, though yes I quite agree that authors should please see website for details. Thanks… http://flyingwithredhaircrow.wordpress.com/

    • I’d be happy to. Thanks for the update!
      I should mention to anyone else reading this that my list was a snapshot in time and was current when I posted it, to the best of my knowledge. If you know of updates, please post them in the comments for others.

  9. If you’re going to copy my list and present it as “data mined” from the internet don’t you think you should give the site a credit?

    – The IndieView

    • Hadn’t realized it was. I found lists in several places, compiled them, verified they were all still current, and eliminated duplicates. Also did Google searches. Yours may indeed have been one I found. I should have made notes on where they all came from. My apologies.

  10. B.Z.R. Vukovina

    This is excellent. Thanks for taking the time to compile it!

  11. Very nice list of sites, thanks!

  12. Thanks for this D.L.! I had to wait till I had some time to sit down and use the list. So far I’ve contacted five!

  13. Great list, thank you!

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