Proposed Cover Art – Need Your Help

At this point, it looks as if I have two choices for the new cover art for The Warden Threat and I’m seeking input. The art is supposed to represent the scene in which Prince Donald is attempting to animate the Warden of Mystic Defiance. These are the two images I have. Please let me know if you think either of these, 1- are eye catching, 2- reflect the genre (humorous science fiction parody of epic adventure), or 3- capture the idea of the story.

I have until the end of the month to decide and I would really appreciate any comments.



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Posted on January 12, 2012, in Self Publishing, Writing. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I prefer your current cover… just to throw a spanner (or wrench) in the works. Of the above two I’d say the left one. I’m just not quite sure where you’d fit the title. I guess the pose on that one is a bit serious though, so perhaps not quite what you are looking for.

  2. Thanks. It’s a mysterious “ancient monument” and is on a platform in crater in the mountains in the book, so it is correct in this respect. I just am not sure either conveys the humor or story of the book. A third option is to start over.

  3. I vote for the one on the left. The pose of the guy in the hat is intriguing. Also, on the right it appears the guy in the background is standing on a platform of some sort, and that doesn’t quite make sense in the wilderness shown.

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