A Quick Update on My Self Publishing Adventure

A few things have happened since my last post on this, so I’m writing a quick update. The first is that I’ve gotten a second review on my first book, The Warden Threat. This one is a four star rating done by Meg Peticolas for Enter the Portal. I’m quite happy with it. A five and four star review for my first novel are encouraging and I am very grateful to the reviewers who have taken the time and trouble to read and comment on my work. I am also exceedingly pleased that both reviewers not only completed their reviews as quickly as they did but also asked for a copy of the second book in the series.

The second thing that happened since my last post is that I’ve decided to commission professional artwork for my first two books. I’m not unhappy with the Do-It-Yourself covers I’ve created, but I think that now that I am beginning to get reviews, the books should have covers that better represent the stories. After all, people may actually consider reading them now. I won’t disclose the name of the cover designer until I see the final product, but I will say that they are less expensive than I feared, about $100 each. If I like the results, you can be sure I will sing the artist’s praises on this blog.

The third thing that has changed is that I am now seriously considering making my first two books available in paper formats. I was reluctant to do this at first partly because of the covers and partly because I was not certain what impartial readers would think about my writing. In anticipation of that, and because it’s a good story, I’m rereading my first novel now. Although it was edited (several times), I’m still catching some typos, missing quotation marks, commas, and a missed word or two. I can’t understand how those got by. I see typos in even traditionally published books, so I’m not entirely bewildered. If typos can get by the pros, it’s understandable that they could get by me, but I am a bit surprised. I would swear those typos were not there before. I’m beginning to suspect that there are malicious typo fairies inserting them when I’m not looking.

That’s it. I’ll write a new episode of My Self Publishing Adventure when circumstances warrant. In the meantime, if you have read my books or this blog, I’d be more than happy for you to comment to tell me what you think.

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  1. Hooray! It sounds like the snowball is starting to roll downhill … and who knows how big it might get?

    I’m running through the final edits for the sequel to Hunting the Five and I’m thinking along the same lines you are!

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