My Self Publishing Adventure – Episode Two – Free or Almost Free

  My self publishing adventure continues. In the last five days, there have been twenty more free downloads of my first book from Smashwords, for a total of 157 since I made it available on 10 September. I find this exciting and I hope some of the people who have downloaded it will read it and write a review.

My plan was to end the free promotion at the end of the month and I have done so. The price for The Warden Threat  is now 99¢. I still have seen no sales from Amazon at this price. I will let you know how this affects the number of downloads on Smashwords. I expect it will dramatically. A free novel by an unknown author is a bargain but at 99¢, not so much. Many books, especially self published books, are available at that price. Free, mine stands out. At 99¢ it does not, even as a full length novel of over 80,000 words.

So why raise the price? My primary reason is not to make money. Few fiction authors actually seem to make money from their books and I don’t expect to be one of them, despite the fact that I would like to be. My primary reason for charging for it is to give it value in the eyes of readers. In our materialistic society, we often equate value with cost — no cost implies no value. As mistaken as I think this equation may be, it exists.

My plan forward is to continue as I have with limited promotion on social media at least through the end of the year and, of course, to continue writing. The third book in the Warden series should be available in 2012.

I’ll post an update periodically to keep you updated on how my adventures in self publishing ebooks are going. I invite you to share your experiences in the comments to this blog. You are also more than welcome to sample my writing either at this blog or on Amazon. If you do, please let me know what you think.

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  1. DL:

    It’s me, A. C. Ellis, again.

    My experience with free books on Smashwords has been pretty much what you posted.

    On Amazon, with six books up (one of them a short story that hasn’t yet sold a copy, I have sold 69 as of this morning. I usually have 2 or 3 new sales each morning when I check. Sometimes a bit more. They are all up for 99c. I’m planning to change that after the first of the year. I plan to keep the the short at 99c. My short story collection I’ll increase to 1.49, two of my sf novels will go to 1.99, and my mystery and my major sf novel will go to 2.99 (so I can get the 70% royalty on at least those two. I’ll let you know how that works out.

    Early in 2012 I’ll bring out a dark and gritty mystery/suspense, Hollowpoint. I plan to release it at 2.99, and follow it with the release of the second in my Ancients’ War series, The Peripheral Man, at 1.99. I can adjust for promotional purposes.

    I’m going to go read your third episode now.


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