Fireball XL5

Fireball XL5 was a marionette T.V. show in the 1960s.  It centered on a group of heroes from the World Space Patrol protecting the solar system from alien invasion.  It sounds corny now but back then I thought this was really cool and I wanted to join up.

I had a plastic Fireball XL5 toy ship that you could shoot up in the air and, if you folded up the parachute just right, it would float down safely although I had more fun with it acting out adventures in our living room, especially after the parachute became hopelessly tangled.  It was still my favorite toy when I was ten.  I actually found a site that had a picture of it.

The show also had a jazzy theme song that you can listen to here:

Surprisingly a DVD set of this old show can still be purchased.  The link below also has a good summary of the series.


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